About Us

At Storefront Academy, we are rewriting the rules of urban education for students of all learning abilities, transforming an entire community. Classroom by classroom.  Student by student. Decade after decade.

With 50 years of success in educating urban youth of all learning abilities, Storefront Academy has been unlocking young minds and expanding the possible for generations of students since 1966. Cultivating intellect and character in equal measure, Storefront Academy schools instill a powerful sense of self, and give students the tools to own the future and create meaningful adult lives.

The Storefront Academy whole child model features academic rigor coupled with strategic nurturing, providing an individualized academic experience for every student. We pride ourselves on knowing every student and family in our tight-knit community, differentiating classroom instruction to meet the needs of every learner, and providing small class sizes to allow for individual and small group support.

Our successes speak volumes. Every year, all Storefront Academy graduates go on to attend high-performing private, parochial, boarding or specialty public schools, and since 2001, nearly 95% of Storefront Academy alumni have received their high school diploma, compared to 70% in New York City.

Storefront Academy Harlem is a member of the Schools That Can national network, is chartered by the New York Department of Education, and is accredited by New York State Association of Independent Schools.

Storefront Academy South Bronx is chartered by the New York Department of Education and is authorized by SUNY Charter School Institute.