Enrichment Programs

Academic enrichment and creative programming build confidence and strengthen academic skills. Storefront Academy builds an array of enrichment programming into our daily schedule, allowing all of our students to experience success in and out of the classroom.

School Day Enrichment

Music Instruction

For students in grades 3 through 8, music classes are focused on teaching instrumental music, giving students the chance to learn and practice an instrument (like the recorder, clarinet, drums, guitar or trumpet) both in and outside of school. This instruction includes teaching students to read music, providing them with lessons on instrument care, and giving them hands on support in learning rhythms and harmonies. Younger students focus on recognizing instruments and learning songs and rhythms. All students perform musical numbers at Storefront Academy’s annual winter performance and at assemblies throughout the year.

Visual Arts Program

Storefront Academy’s visual arts classes help to build confidence and encourage the development of multiple intelligences.  Our arts curriculum works to expose each student to a wide variety of materials, many visual arts experiences and a broad range of ways to express themselves.  Students study art from many cultures and engage in long-term projects over the course of several classes so that they can explore the limits of each subject and develop strong responses to visual problem solving challenges. All 7th and 8th grade student display their works at the annual Student Art Exhibit, hosted at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe every March.

Field Trips

Trips during the school day are a critical component of unit plans and encourage students to explore the world around them, to challenge themselves, to create and imagine. Students in all grades participate in trips throughout the year in and around New York City. A list of past trips include Soons Orchard, the Queens Farm Museum, the Asia Society, the premiere of ByKids film Poet of Prejudice, the Nickelodeon HALO awards, Alvin Ailey studio dance performances, and more.

Rosie’s Theater Kids

Partnering with Storefront Academy since 2013, instructors with Rosie’s Theater Kids work weekly with fifth grade students to provide comprehensive classes in music, dance and drama with a goal of inspiring excellence, motivating learning, uplifting the human spirit, building confidence, and sparking a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

Studio Museum of Harlem

A teaching artist from The Studio Museum in Harlem works in collaboration with Storefront Academy’s art instructor to develop a curriculum that makes connections between visual art and literacy for middle school students. Through this partnership, students are introduced to artists of African descent; explore ideas present in current exhibitions during museum visits; and engage in discussions about works of art that will enhance visual literacy.

Extended Day Program

Storefront Academy’s extended day programs provide students with activities and support in a supervised environment. From homework help and tutoring to basketball and choir, these programs enrich the educational, recreational, and social experiences of our students. We encourage children to explore the world around them, to challenge themselves, to create and imagine. We draw upon effective academic enrichment, physical fitness, nutritional and life skill programs to challenge children and make learning fun.

This programming ensures that students have consistent activities that support their academic development and keep them safe during hours when they might be unsupervised and vulnerable to negative influences.

Homework Help

Aimed at our most struggling learners, our Homework Help program provides small group support from Storefront Academy teachers to assist students with skill-building and homework completion, utilizing volunteers from the Storefront community and area high schools.


Led by Storefront Academy’s music teacher, students have the option to join the Storefront choir. The choir sings throughout the year, including at Brick Church’s annual holiday fair, at Storefront Academy’s annual holiday show, and at the end of every school year at Storefront Academy’s “Step-Up Day.”

Aperture On Sight

Designed to cultivate visual literacy through photography and photobook creation, Aperture's youth program supports the development of observational, reasoning, language-arts, and image-creation competencies. The curriculum has been taught at Storefront Academy since 2014, and fosters and appreciation for the photographic medium as a vehicle for self-expression and an understanding of photography's role in documenting history and culture.

Sports Teams

Storefront Academy faculty coach sports teams throughout the year for older students, including girls basketball, boys basketball, and co-ed soccer. Players learn game rules, equipment, strategies and techniques, and learn the importance of teamwork. Teams play at Asphalt Green against teams from other neighborhood schools.

Dramatic Acting and Screenwriting

Focused on creative self-expression and scriptwriting, our drama class allows students from grade 1 through 8 the opportunity to learn acting methods and to create and perform theater pieces.

Visual Art and Social Change

Led by a Storefront Academy faculty member, this course allows middle school students to incorporate and interpret current events and important historical events into visual artwork.

Summer Program

At Storefront Academy Harlem, we expand our students’ ideas of what is possible, and reveal to them the beauty and diversity in the world beyond their Harlem neighborhood. Summertime is no different. Studies show that students generally have little or no academic growth over the summer, and many students lose one to three months of learning. To combat this lapse we offer summer school to our most struggling learners. Our summer program not only helps our children to retain what they learn during the regular school year, but it also inspires them to reach greater academic achievements. We include field trips to the Museum of Natural History, the New York Botanical Garden, as well as afternoons in the park to give them a full experience for their summer.

The summer session is a five-week academic program focused on reading skills, comprehension and language. Mornings are spent on academics and afternoons consist of enrichment activities and trips. Our summer program aims to build reading skills and keeps at-risk students from losing their achieved academic progress.