Alumni Spotlight: Robert Perez, '13

March 9, 2015

"I learned a lot at Storefront Academy," Robert (Noah) Perez, said. "I was taught about diversity, challenges I might face in high school, and how it's up to me whether I succeed or fail."

Robert graduated from Storefront Academy Harlem in 2013, and is a sophomore at Cardinal Hayes High School. "Storefront Academy helped me build upon my natural leadership skills," said Robert, "and showed me right from wrong in and out of class."

Robert Perez, SAH Class of 2013

He's excelling academically at Cardinal Hayes, building on the scholastic skills and determination he learned at Storefront Academy Harlem. "I am doing very well in school," Robert said. "All my teachers see me as a very influential student."

Robert's ambition is to play professional soccer. He's well on his way, since he's already a starter on the varsity team at CHHS, playing right back defender. He developed his love for soccer while at Storefront Academy. He was captain of the SAH Soccer Team for two years, honing not only his physical ability, but also work ethic and dedication. "My last year we didn't win the championships like we wanted, but I did get to play in the Asphalt Green All-Star Game, and I scored the winning penalty kick!"

After high school, Robert has his sights set on playing soccer at a division one college, while majoring in business with a minor in engineering. Playing professional soccer is the aim, but Robert also wants a degree so he can start his own company.

"If I could give some advice to younger students," Robert said, "it would be to stay focused and don't take for granted anything you learn in school. Everything they teach you in your classes will be necessary to further your goals."