Storefront Comic Book Club visits DC Comics

June 7, 2013

 On Tuesday, June 4, students from the Comic Book Club had a fantastic time visiting DC Entertainment. The Director of Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Thomas DiMascio, led the students on a tour. They got to meet with DC Editor Harvey Richards, who conducted a presentation explaining how a comic book is produced. The students got to examine actual scripts, pencil art, inked pages and color samples. They then visited the DC archives where every comic book that DC has ever produced is stored, and got to actually hold rare and valuable comic books such as Action Comics #1 and Wonder Woman #1. Next, the students traveled to the department where MAD Magazine is produced. They were told about the origins of the magazine and given insight about the limitations of their rights to spoof individuals and institutions. Each student left with a goodie bag that included comic books, graphic novels and other comic-related merchandise. Thanks so much to DC Entertainment for hosting the Comic Book Club!