Our Model

With fifty years of success educating urban youth, Storefront Academy prides itself on its proven educational model, founded upon two core components: academic rigor  and strategic nurturing. Focused on these components, we teach critical thinking, demanding academics, values and life skills empowering our students, at all learning abilities, to steadfastly pursue personal and academic excellence. Storefront Academy teaches the whole child and serves the whole family, enabling us to create powerful learners and well-rounded students.

Core components of our whole child model include:

Strong academic program
Storefront Academy’s model features a rigorous academic program based on the common core, which focuses on key competencies, including critical-thinking and problem-solving. The school's curriculum blends traditional, structured learning and progressive, project-based learning focused on basic skills. All Storefront Academy classrooms have optimized student/teacher ratios, with each class in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade headed by a lead teacher in addition to a teaching assistant.

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Strategically nurturing approach to serving the whole child
Storefront Academy provides robust social and emotional supports for all students, meeting each where they are and providing individually tailored social and emotional supports. In addition to demanding academics, our faculty and staff teach responsibility, leadership, accountability, honesty, kindness, and appreciation of diversity. This approach is designed to strengthen self-understanding and provide opportunities for creative self-expression, broadening students' views of the world and their futures.

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Programs to support student health and physical fitness
Research supports our steadfast belief that that healthy students are more prepared to learn. Built upon this belief is our robust health and wellness program, focused on teaching our students the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and encouraging them to eat well and exercise their bodies as well as their minds. Our health and wellness program equips our students with skills that they will use every day, and that will help them to live longer and healthier lives. At Storefront Academy, we promote healthy physical development through nutritional meals, physical education classes, structured play during recess, and an understanding of where our food comes from.

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Exceptional, supportive faculty
Storefront Academy’s teachers are seasoned and passionate educators, dedicated to providing a world-class education and meeting every student where they are. Our faculty members’ skills are strengthened by ongoing and collaborative professional development, Understanding by Design approach to unit and lesson planning, faculty-led workshops and initiatives, and the professional learning community model.

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Values-driven school culture
In addition to strong pedagogical practices, Storefront Academy’s academic program also stresses the importance of self-direction and building strength of character. This is reinforced with an emphasis on Storefront Academy’s core values (concern for others, respect, honesty, perseverance, responsibility, and diligence), which are highlighted at monthly assemblies, are the basis for conflict resolution unit plans across all grades, and are the cornerstone of Storefront Academy’s school-wide behavior management system.

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Diverse and invested volunteer base
At Storefront Academy, we consider volunteers to be an essential part of our community. More than 250 active volunteers support Storefront Academy programming every year by providing critical academic enrichment, tutoring, administrative assistance, operations support, and by mentoring our middle school students.

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