Storefront Academy Harlem has been changing lives for 50 years. Our comprehensive, whole child approach to education cultivates every student’s mind and character, and provides essential family support, addressing the needs of each child. Our students have an extraordinary success rate in academics and this is recognized by the selective nature of the private, parochial and public high schools that admit them, but aside from their academic prowess, every Storefront Academy graduate is also a well-rounded individual.

Our results speak volumes:

  • 100% of Storefront Academy Harlem graduates attend private, parochial or selective public high schools
  • Since 2001, nearly 95% of our students have graduated from high school, a figure well above the New York citywide graduation rate of 70%
  • 100% of our male students graduate from high school, significantly higher than the national average of 59%
  • Our students consistently show high levels of proficiency in math and language arts, with more than 80% of students performing at or above grade level

We serve a community that truly needs us.

At Storefront Academy Harlem:

  • 100% students of color
  • 80% of students come from economically disadvantaged families
  • 60% require extra learning supports
  • 12% of students have IEPs (Individualized Education Plans)

 At Storefront Academy South Bronx:

  • 100% students of color
  • 90% of students come from economically disadvantaged families